Be Here Now

2018 has ushered in lots of change for the Peters. Along with preparing for another child, I (John) have also been experiencing change in my current work, with new responsibilities, managers, and co-workers. It’s tempting in all this change to be focused on the future and lose sight of what needs attention now. To be […]

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Waiting: A Pain… With Promise

About 5 years ago, I (Dylan) had the privilege of leading a small group of women through a book called “The Wounded Heart” by Dan Allender. This group was brought together by a very tragic commonality – they were survivors of abuse. I don’t talk about this group often, for confidentiality reasons, but I think […]

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October Financial Progress

October has been a good month for us. We have met with individuals, groups, reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. So many people are excited to hear more about how God is moving in us, and in Costa Rica. We now have 56 individual members of our support team and 4 churches. Last […]

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Dr. Lloyd Kim, the Coordinator of Mission to the World, spoke on the topic of “pride vs. humility” in the realm of ministry and the support raising process. We wanted to share a summary below of what we learned from him during our training, as it is applicable to many areas of life. Pride is […]

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July Support Progress

WOW! 30% of our monthly support has been pledged so far. The monthly support goes toward things like our living expenses, health insurance, and ministry expenses. Our goal is to have 100% of our monthly support pledged by January of 2019. This will enable us to register for the training and give us time to […]

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The Snake

It was the first of many hot days of the summer. I was taking Ellie’s tri-cycle into the garage, and there it was, wrapped around the garden hose. Fear shot through my body. All I could do was stand there and stare with a plastic rake in my hand. I wanted so badly to run […]

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