Be Here Now

2018 has ushered in lots of change for the Peters. Along with preparing for another child, I (John) have also been experiencing change in my current work, with new responsibilities, managers, and co-workers. It’s tempting in all this change to be focused on the future and lose sight of what needs attention now. To be honest, that has always been a huge challenge for me. Whether looking for that next job or next big move, there is always something to be looking for. I hate that. It stops me from being present now. A friend asked me if preparing for Costa Rica has caused me to ‘check out’ of my current job. I am sure there is some of that, but I have been surprised by how freeing it actually has been. Knowing my time at my current work has an ‘end’, has actually freed me to focus on the tasks and relationships at hand. No more worrying about that next promotion or developmental move. I can savor what God has for me NOW.

I found an encouraging prayer in the book, Every Moment Holy that speaks to how God is changing my heart in regards to my current place in “work”.

From Every Moment Holy by Douglas Kaine McKelvey

   O Christ who supplies my every need,

    I praise you for all provisions

    and for the means by which they are provided.

    For my current employment, 

    in this season of my life, I give you thanks.

    By it, may I meet my own needs,

    and contribute to the needs of others. 

    Let me work and serve in this position

    with mindfulness, creativity, and kindness,

        loving you well by loving

        all whom I encounter here

    Jesus, be ever-present as mediator

    between me and my employer,

    between me and my supervisors and co-workers,

    and in all my dealings with others in this work,

    reminding me that my treatment of them

    is the strongest evidence of my affection for you.


    Grant me therefore the patience

    to listen to others, the humility to learn from them,

    the compassion to consider their needs as my own,

    and the grace to wear well in this place the name of my Lord,

    remembering that I arrive here each day as an emissary or your kingdom. 

    Let me be an asset to my employer and superiors,

    working for their flourishing without resentment.

    Let me be a support to my peers,

    contributing to their advancement without jealousy.

    Let me be an encouragement to any I train or lead,

    affirming and equipping them without disdain.

    May the days of my employment here

    be meaningful. Use this chapter in my life

    to accomplish your ends, 

    whatever they might be. 

    May my presence here

    Daily suggest

    Your presence here.

    And may the outworking of the gospel

    Be always evident in this my work,

    That my service as an employee

    Might be here reckoned and received 

    as service first rendered unto you, O Christ.


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