Waiting: A Pain… With Promise

About 5 years ago, I (Dylan) had the privilege of leading a small group of women through a book called “The Wounded Heart” by Dan Allender. This group was brought together by a very tragic commonality – they were survivors of abuse. I don’t talk about this group often, for confidentiality reasons, but I think […]

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Dr. Lloyd Kim, the Coordinator of Mission to the World, spoke on the topic of “pride vs. humility” in the realm of ministry and the support raising process. We wanted to share a summary below of what we learned from him during our training, as it is applicable to many areas of life. Pride is […]

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church planting is not very trendy

My husband and I are in the process of raising support to join a team of Costa Ricans who are planting and growing churches around their country. I’ve tried writing up the vision and goals of our future work to explain to potential supporters – things like “establish, strengthen, and grow the local church according to God’s will.” But it just doesn’t have a ring to it. Church planting seems boring. In fact, my own mother told me that my first attempt at a newsletter was too “churchy.” Really? Too churchy? Of course it’s churchy! That’s the whole point!

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